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Attribute Value
Item Code ST02
Product Name & Style Transparent Storage Box 2 Ltr
Color Black, Brown, Purple, Orange, Red
Item Size 5*8*5 inch
Product Dimension (CTN) Length Width Height 16*17*21.5
Cubic Meter 0.057
EAN Number 8961100123520
Cubic Meter Total Container 66.975
40ft High Cube Container 1175
Per Carton Packing 24
Category Storage Box
Packing Type 1
Capacity 2.000 LITTER
Port Karachi Port

Transparent Storage Box 2 Ltr:

Introducing the Transparent Storage Box 2 Ltr, a versatile storage solution designed to streamline your organizational needs. With its sleek design and transparent construction, this storage box effortlessly combines practicality with style.

Available in a range of sophisticated colors including Black, Brown, Purple, Orange, and Red, you can choose the perfect hue to complement your space. Whether you're organizing your home, office, or classroom, these storage boxes add a touch of elegance to any environment.

Crafted from durable POLY CARBONATE material, the Transparent Storage Box 2 Ltr ensures longevity and reliability. Its compact size of 585 inches makes it ideal for storing a variety of items, from stationery to cosmetics and beyond.

Imported through Karachi Port, you can trust in the efficiency and reliability of its delivery. Packed conveniently in cartons of 24 units each, distribution is made simple and hassle-free.

Experience the convenience and elegance of organized living with the Transparent Storage Box 2 Ltr.

Product Image
Product Image

For the Color Section:

Indulge in a spectrum of sophisticated choices with the Transparent Storage Box 2 Ltr, available in an array of captivating colors. Whether you opt for the classic allure of Black, the earthy tones of Brown, the regal elegance of Purple, the vibrant energy of Orange, or the bold statement of Red, there's a color to suit every taste and complement any decor.

For the Material Section:

Crafted from premium POLY CARBONATE material, the Transparent Storage Box 2 Ltr combines durability with elegance. This high-quality material ensures that your storage needs are met with strength and resilience, promising long-lasting performance and reliability.

For the Capacity Section:

Despite its compact dimensions, the Transparent Storage Box 2 Ltr boasts a generous capacity of 2 liters, providing ample space to neatly organize your belongings. From office supplies to personal accessories, this versatile storage solution offers convenience without compromising on style or functionality.

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