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The Lavish Storage Rectangular Box 3.45Ltr

Product Overview:

Introducing the Lavish Storage Rectangular Box, a luxurious and spacious storage solution designed to elevate your organizational setup. With its lavish design and ample capacity, this rectangular box offers both style and functionality for your storage needs.

Color Options:

The is available in a range of lavish colors, including brown, purple, orange, red, and black. Choose the color that best suits your taste or complements your decor, adding a touch of luxury to your storage space.

Product Image
Product Image

Dimensions and Packaging:

Measuring 12 inches in length, 9.5 inches in width, and 2.75 inches in height, the provides generous storage space while maintaining an elegant profile. Each box is carefully packaged in cartons, with 24 units per carton, ensuring secure transportation and storage. The carton dimensions measure 24.625 inches in length, 19.5 inches in width, and 18.75 inches in height, with a total cubic meter of 0.148.

Material and Capacity:

Crafted from high-quality PP material, the offers durability and longevity for long-term use. With a spacious capacity of 3.45 liters, it provides ample room to store various items, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

Port Availability:

The Lavish Storage Rectangular Box is readily available at Karachi Port, ensuring convenient shipping and accessibility for customers. Elevate your storage solutions with the and enjoy a clutter-free and luxurious living or working space.


Item Code FKT345
Product Name & Style Lavish Storage Rectangular Box
Color Brown, Purple, Orange, Red, Black
Item Size 12*9.5*2.75 inch
Product Dimension (CTN) Length Width Height 24.625*19.5*18.75
Cubic Meter 0.148
EAN Number 8961100027934
Cubic Meter Total Container 222
40ft High Cube Container 450
Per Carton Packing 24
Category Storage Box
Packing Type 1
Material PP
Capacity 3.45L
Port Karachi Port
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