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5 Ways to Do Product Photography for Acrylic Drinking Glasses

Posted by : Home and Table / On : Apr 18, 2024

Acrylic Drinkware Set

Acrylic drinking glasses have become increasingly popular due to their durability, clarity, and stylish designs. They're perfect for everyday use, poolside lounging, or adding a touch of modern elegance to any table setting. But high-quality product photography is essential if you're a business owner or entrepreneur looking to showcase your acrylic drinkware online.

Compelling visuals can significantly impact customer perception and purchasing decisions. This blog post explores five effective product photography techniques tailored explicitly to capture the beauty and functionality of an acrylic drinkware set.

1. Mastering the Light: Setting the Stage for Success

Light is the cornerstone of exceptional product photography. Here's how to leverage light to make your acrylic drinkware shine:

  • Natural Light vs. Artificial Light:
    • Natural light: Soft, diffused natural light creates a clean and inviting look. Ideal settings include shooting near a large window on a cloudy day (to avoid harsh shadows).
    • Artificial light: If natural light isn't readily available, you can utilize artificial lighting setups. Opt for diffused lights like softboxes or light tents to achieve even illumination and minimize shadows.

White Background:

  • A clean white background allows the acrylic glasses to take center stage and emphasize their clarity. You can use a seamless white backdrop, white poster board, or even a white sheet hung behind your shooting area.

Playing with Light Angles:

Experiment with different light angles to create depth and dimension in your photos. Here are some popular options:

Front light: Creates a clean and well-lit image, ideal for showcasing details and logos.

Side light: Highlights the contours and texture of the glass, adding a touch of drama.

  • Backlight: Produces a stunning silhouette effect, emphasizing the shape and clarity of the acrylic material.

2. Capturing Every Detail: Essential Camera Settings and Composition

Camera Settings:

While specific settings may vary depending on your camera and lighting conditions, here are some general recommendations:

Aperture: A slightly closed aperture (f/8 or higher) ensures both the foreground (glass) and background (if not using a shallow depth of field) are in focus.

Shutter Speed: Use a shutter speed that is fast enough to avoid camera shake, especially if using hand-held shooting.

  • ISO: Set the ISO low (around 100) to minimize image noise and achieve crisp, clear photos.


Strategic composition guides the viewer's eye through the image and draws attention to your product. Here are some composition techniques to consider:

* Rule of Thirds: Divide the frame into a 3x3 grid and position the glass along the intersecting lines or at their points for a visually balanced image.

* Leading Lines: Use natural lines in your background or props to lead the viewer's eye towards the acrylic drinkware.

  • * Negative Space:  Surrounding the glass with ample negative space creates a sense of clean minimalism and emphasizes the product.

3. Showcasing Functionality: Utilizing Props and Styling


Strategic use of props can add context, enhance the visual appeal, and showcase the functionality of your acrylic drinkware. Here are some ideas:

Drinks and Ice: Fill the glasses with refreshing beverages and ice cubes to demonstrate their intended use and add a touch of life to the photo.

Fruit Slices and Coasters: Incorporate colorful fruit slices or coasters to create a vibrant and inviting scene.

  • * Flowers or Greenery: Consider adding delicate flowers or greenery alongside the glasses for a touch of elegance.


Consider the overall mood you want to convey and style your scene accordingly. Here are some examples:

* Minimalist: A clean white background with a single glass and a sprig of rosemary exudes a modern and sophisticated feel.

Beach Vibes: Place the glasses on a sandy surface with seashells and a beach towel in the background to capture a summery atmosphere.

  • Poolside Party: Recreate a festive setting with pool floats, colorful towels, and multiple acrylic glasses filled with tropical drinks.

4. Capturing Multiple Angles: Telling a Visual Story

Don't limit yourself to a single shot! Capture your acrylic drinking glasses from various angles to give viewers a comprehensive understanding of the product. Here are some angles to consider:

  • Front View: A classic shot showcasing the full height and design of the glass.
  • Side View: Highlights the thickness and curvature of the acrylic material.
  • Top View: Useful for showcasing glasses with intricate designs or patterns on the base.
  • Detail Shots: Zoom in to capture specific features, such as logos, unique textures, or condensation droplets clinging to the glass surface.

You create a more engaging and informative visual experience for potential customers by showcasing your acrylic drinkware from various perspectives.

5. Post-Processing Perfection: The Final Touches

Once you've captured your images, basic post-processing can elevate them to the next level. Here are some essential edits to consider:

  • Exposure and White Balance: Ensure the overall exposure is balanced and adjust the white balance for a natural color representation of the acrylic material.
  • Cropping and Straightening: Crop the image to improve composition and straighten tilted horizons for a professional look.
  • Clarity and Sharpening: Subtle adjustments to clarity and sharpening can enhance image detail and crispness.

Remember: The goal of post-processing is to enhance the natural beauty of your product, not to create an unrealistic or misleading image.

Last Word 

By following these five practical tips and experimenting with different techniques, you can create compelling product photography that showcases the brilliance and functionality of your acrylic drinking glasses. Investing in high-quality product photography is an investment in your brand's success. By implementing these strategies, you can ensure your acrylic drinking glasses receive the visual spotlight they deserve.

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